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Welcome to the online library of books and magazines on knitting and crochet for kids from newborn to teenager, for the whole family as well as more general literature on knitting / crochet techniques, motifs and patterns. The idea is to get you acquainted with the literature from different times and different parts of the world. Here you can preview books and magazines online and decide whether you wish to purchase them.

If you happen to find an error in the library (wrong or missing links, error messages, etc.), please, let us know. Similarly, if you want to contribute materials or valuable links, contact us!

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*** New Arrivals ***

Interweave Knits 2022 Summer

Crochet for Beginners – A Stitch Dictionary with Step-by-Ste

Cricut Made Easy with Sweet Red Poppy (Kimberly Coffin)

Сделай сам 1990 01

Азбука вязания 2021 10 Шапки для все

Burda 2022 05 Crochet

The Knitter 2022 05 Россия

Simply Crochet 2022 123

Inspirations 2019 102

Inspirations 2018 98

Inspirations 2018 100

Inspirations 2020 106

Andrea Kreativ 2022 04 Marie’s Poppenmode

Crochet Animal Pillows

Andréa (Les Créations) 2022 04 La Mode Poupée de Marie

Schmuse-Bär Häkelanletung (Häkelfieber Austria)

Total number of issues: 63755       View the complete list
Total number of series: 1585       View the complete list
Total number of topics: 43       View series by topic
Total number of pattern languages: 35

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For your convenience, books and magazines are shown as cover images grouped by series and language. Periodicals are sorted by date while all others are sorted alphabetically by title. To view a single edition, select its title in the dropdown list below the respective series.

The tabs above display languages as codes:

Language Total number of issues Total number of series
en – English 33734 718
ru – русский (Russian) 11356 205
de – Deutsch (German) 4279 136
fr – français (French) 3004 80
it – italiano (Italian) 1274 63
es – español (Spanish) 2619 101
pt – português (Portuguese) 1135 61
da – dansk (Danish) 475 21
no – norsk (Norwegian) 305 6
ne – nederlands (Dutch) 620 33
ek – eesti keel (Estonian) 15 2
sv – svenska (Swedish) 79 4
su – suomi (Finnish) 80 5
hu – magyar (Hungarian) 566 14
pl – polski (Polish) 1070 21
jp – 日本語 (Japanese) 2470 55
cn – 中国的 (Chinese) 779 32
lt – lietuvių (Lithuanian) 344 9
tr – Türkçe (Turkish) 96 8
th – ภาษาไทย (Thai) 107 5
uk – Українська (Ukrainian) 136 12
ar – عربي (Arabic) 6 1
el – Ελληνικό (Greek) 2 1
cz – český (Czech) 29 3
sr – Српски (Serbian) 25 3
lv – latviešu (Latvian) 38 4
hr – hrvatski (Croatian) 10 2
sk – Slovenčina (Slovak) 31 2
bg – Български (Bulgarian) 33 4
ko – 한국어 (Korean) 11 1
ro – român (Romanian) 2 1
il – עברית (Hebrew) 1 1
af – Afrikaans (Afrikaans) 11 2
is – Íslensku (Islandic) 4 1
vi – Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) 4 1


64 thoughts on “Online Library

  1. Hi,
    Thanks a ton for this wonderful collection. I am looking for the book Ondori-Best selection of lace work. any lead appreciated. thanks

  2. hi svetlana! i was wondering what happened to the old page of

    i used to visit there for some good craft books.

    does this new site have also felt toys or other books than knitting?

  3. Hello there

    I hope everyone is keeping well its my sons birthday in a weeks time (I didn’t realise it was so close) If there is perhaps a knitting pattern for the TV series The Simpsons Bart or Homer. I f you could help I would be so so very grateful. Just to add Bryce who is my baby ( the youngest of two) will be turning 32.

    Thank you so so very much


  4. hi you have great magazines but i am a little disappointed about the little choices you have in French. I would so love to see more choices of magazines for Pengouin, Phildar and Katia in French as I only know how to knit in French.

    • Well, we have hundreds of magazines in French already, much more than any other crafts site. If there are issues missing, this is only because no one has shared them. We receive plenty of materials in English from our users, but not in French.

  5. A few hours ago I went in choosing online library and then new Arrivels, and there were a lot of new magazines- Now I cant see any of them, i just wonder why ? :-)kind regardsBente

    • There were technical issues with importing albums from Google Picasa. Now, after 10 days of failures, I was finally able to add about 300 albums, but now I need to create a library entry in the proper series for each of those albums. It takes a while. If you are subscribed to notifications, you will be notified about these magazines as soon as I have processed them.

  6. hi there i have a lot of patterns on picasa how do i get them to go on here please also just saw the complaint what are you going to do hun this is a great site and you have done such a lot of hard work hope everything is fine xxx suz 

  7. I have a question ~ in order to upload, does the information need to be scanned, or will pics do? Also, do we just leave them on picassa, so that this site accesses the picassa album? Thank you for your time ~

    • Picasa albums can be included right away, this whole library is maintained as picasa albums. So if you just send me the picasa links, it is the best option and saves me a lot of time. Scanned pictures are better, of course, but if the photos are of sufficient quality to read the patterns, then it is perfectly fine. Please, send picasa links per email, not as comment. The album is embedded into the website so that the actual links to the albums and the user profiles at google are not revealed. This way, no one can report abuse. Thank you!

  8. Светлана, здравствуйте! Спасибо вам большое за ваш труд! Не знаю, принципиально ли это важно, но решила сообщить, -я сейчас в Online library,  здесь в японском разделе Home Craft- все 4 размещённые книги на китайском языке. 

    • Спасибо, это очень важно. Перекинула эту серию в китайский раздел. Хочется, чтобы все было правильно систематизировано. Я японский и китайский совсем не знаю, полагаюсь на информацию на тех сайтах, где нахожу эти ресурсы. Благодарна за всякую подсказку , сообщайте, если еще подобные ошибки найдете!

  9. New series Pačios and its subseries Raštai from Lithuania with the total of 51 issues have been added. View ithere. It specializes on feminine style crochet and knitting and has patterns for children and home items.

  10. Series Annie’s Attic, Fashion Doll got 10 calendars with  collections of gorgeous doll garments (historical, wedding, ball, etc.)

  11. 31 special issues of the Russian magazine “Дуплет – Заочная школа рукоделия” have been added. They focus on various lacework techniques, female accessories, swimwear and summer fashion. Highest delight!

  12. Russian library has been extended by the complete series of “Дуплет – Заочная школа рукоделия”, issues no. 1 to 123. This exclusive magazine specializes in fashionable lacework garments for ladies and girls. Even if you do not know Russian, you can find tons of gorgeous lacework motifs and patterns as charts. Definitely, one of the best crochet resources ever!

  13. English section of the library has received 50 issues of Crochet World  magazine from the US/Canada. This series contains a variety of patterns from all categories. Lots of baby and kids’ stuff as well.

  14. English section of the library has received an almost complete collection of Crochet Fantasy (143 issues), a magazine from the US published from 1982 till 2005. Its emphasis is on  decorative crochet (dollies, lacework, afghans), but there is also women’s clothing and all sorts of items for children, especially babies.

  15. Yesterday the library was enriched by over 100 issues of Paradise Publications (watch here Paradise Publications). It presents exclusive historical doll (Barbie size) garments from Cleopatra’s era to our days, medieval, royal, ball, wedding and other costumes. Just incredible masterpieces in crochet!

  16. Hi Svetlana:     I only want to ask you, why can’t I see the new online library? I try and try and I can’t.                              Thank you

    • I am puzzled. I can see the library, no problems. Also there are no complaints from other users. It takes a while to load the library overview page due to communicating to picasa web server for importing thousands of covers. But after a few seconds it should be displayed. Try pressing refresh button if the site stops loading. Sorry, I really can’t think of an explanation!

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