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Explore all tagged patterns from books and magazines of the Online Library by using the provided filters. Select any option in any of the menus to get the matches. Kindly keep in mind that this categorization is implemented by the community of volunteers to the best of their knowledge. If you find erroneous matches, feel free to edit the descriptions by clicking on the edit icon underneath the thumbnail.

Total number of tagged patterns: 22369

Category / Topic
Pattern Language
For whom
Yarn Type
Extra Elements
Shape / Form
Main Color
melange (848) multi-color (467)
multiple colors (1763) (81) (115) (94)
(703) (240) (126) (173) (70) (229)
(56) (59) (40) (104) (72) (61)
(86) (60) (43) (172) (220) (122)
(81) (92) (191)

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  1. Wow Svetlana!!
    What an incredibly amazing website this is – You have managed to build a resource for knitters etc. that out does any other – I cannot imagine the amount of work that went into creating this resource and that must be required to maintain it – You deserve so very much gratitude from each and every member that downloads a file from here – Thank you so very much – Trace

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