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Welcome to the best free pattern collection on the web! Knits4Kids offers you convenient access to about a million knitting and crochet patterns in many languages from all over the world and for all occasions. Knits4Kids offers you a unique experience of learning, sharing and exchanging beyond the limits of your physical location. You can explore designs by languages, categories, colors, yarn types, origin, craft, etc., using keywords or by browsing through images. Find out what is new and what is popular and stay notified by email of all new arrivals.

Latest Arrivals in the Library

Bastel-Ideen 2024 01 Fensterbilder Filigran

PROJETO PATRULHA CANINA Moldes (atelie docuras em feltro)

Today’s Quilter 2024 111

Simply Knitting 2024 248

Делаем сами 2024 04 Толока

Simply Crochet 2024 146

Crochet World 2024 Late Spring Quick & Fun Crochet

Большая энциклопедия. Вязание кр

Волшебный фетр. Делаем игрушки

Visible Mending – Repair, Renew, Reuse the Clothes You Love

Freude am Handarbeiten 2024 FH152

E-book Patrulha Canina (HELEN LINARES)

Волшебный мир амигуруми (Юлия В

Вышивай как дизайнер (Любовь В


Sandra 2024 SA267 Strickjacken

Mani di Fata 2024 01

Японская вышивка – Дикие цветы (К

Вязаный дом. Мозаичное вязание (

Вяжем игрушки крючком (Ярковая Т.

Burda Style 2024 02

Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting 2024 170-171

Cross Stitch Gold – Birds Collection 2024

The Sock Project (Summer Lee)

Amigurumi Wildlife Adventure (Airali Design and Irene Strang

Love Embroidery 2024 50

Love Patchwork & Quilting 2024 134

L’Uncinetto di Gio 2024 42

Азбука вязания крючком. Полный

Азбука макраме (Марина Кузьмина)

Patrulha da Mari Amigurumi (Marri Criativa)

Craft Your Year with Sara Davies

E-book BEBÊS DA FAZENDA 2023 Vol. 2

Mega artesanato 2024 02 Amigurumi Fios Glow

Rakam 2024 03

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