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  1. Dear Svetlana; Im amazed at your crochet Art, to me that is what it is. You are so talented and gifted, you are doing what you were born to do. Your choice of colors are so vibrant, they say Im a girl and proud of it. I dont have any girls a grand niece due to arrive in july. I would love to down load some of your patterns and make for me.maybe I can buy some dolls to dress them in. Im new at this laptop so my son will have to help download. I just want to Thank-you for the enjoyment I have felt looking at your Art.  Looking forward to what you master next.  cheryl 

    • Dear Cheryl, thank you for your praise, I am very flattered. I am full of ideas about new designs, however, I find no time to pursue them in my current situation. At least I find enough time to keep this site up and running and hope that thousands of crafters from all over the world get inspiration for their projects. The choice of colors for that coat was not even intended. I searched for something affordable and ordered one skein of each color including multicolor. I used them for different projects and later on came up with this design to use up the rests :-))

  2. Dear Amanda, my daughter is about 20 months old on that photo, meanwhile she is 3 and a half years old and the cardigan still fits. So maybe you do not need many size adjustments. The only things is that 3 flower motifs on the bottom of the sleeve may not be enough (kids hate tight clothes) but 4 motifs may be to wide. One option could be to add a couple more stitches into the chains joining the flowers to set the flowers a bit father apart. When you finish the flower stipe for the main part, measure you daughters hand with it and see how many motifs are necessary. I also apologize if the language is not perfect. English is not my native language and that work was my first attempt to design something and write a pattern. It was a lot of work and I am so happy to see hundreds of hearts on the sites where this pattern is shared.

    • Your translation is great, I love the pattern, my daughter is quite a few years older than 3, which is why I am going to have to make the size adjustment, but this is a really sweet pattern and I am totally impressed with how much detail you put into it. I love finding patterns that are unique and a reflection of that person and where they are from. I hope to see more of your patterns and I look forward to talking to you again. Thanks for the reply! Have a great day! :)

      • I wonder how you found this site and the pattern? Ravelry? I have 17 patterns there, all free. I am afraid I have to put my handicrafts activities on hold for a while. I am the creator and the sole host of this portal. It takes up all my free time including half of the night when everyone else goes to bed. Rather than  creating a couple of my own patterns I hunt for thousands of great patterns from all over the world and share them with you on this site! It is more fun to have this huge undertaking.

        • On Facebook, ironically, I have Boye Needles as a favorite and they had a pattern I was looking at, then I started scrolling through their patterns and came across your’s and just knew I found a website I really liked. This is a great website, with so many wonderful ideas and patterns. You came up with a really great idea! Thanks! :) 

  3. This is absolutely romantic and I understand the term you are using it in! It is beautiful and just gives this sweet look that you can only describe as something related with love. I love it and can’t wait to make one for my daughter. She isn’t three but I am going to fit it for her size and would like to show you a picture when I am done.Thank you for sharing this with everyone, very beautiful!

  4. . I don’t care how precious the item is (and I think this is precious), the word “romantic” is just not appropriate for little girls! I think the owner would be responsible enough to change it.

    • I am the author. In Russia where I come from it is extremely common to use this word for tender designs with flowers, for kids or adults alike. I just translated the Russian title into English. The word is only in the file, right? I hope you can ignore it because I really do not feel like re-generating and re-uploading the file just because you disagree with the term. Enjoy the pattern, it has been a tremendous effort to make it and I offer it for free without any restrictions on what you can use it for.

          • No problem at all! It was a lesson for me, too. We have users from 140 countries on Knits4Kids and there are so many different reactions and impressions based on different backgrounds. Imagine ladies from Muslim countries seeing lacy sexy dresses in our gallery.  They would probably get killed for wearing something like that. On Ravelry I got negative comments from German ladies that Russians dress their girls like dolls and make them look like Lolitas. What can I say to that?  I guess it is a challenge for all of us to learn to cope with different cultures.

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