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New issues

0 to 5-years – handmade cloth toys (Mook boutique No. 630)

70 Crochet Slouch Beanie Patterns

baby best 300

Child Boutique 2007 Getting ready for school

Cotton Time – Homemade Country Sewing

Crepe crafted gently made (housewives series) Mook 1998 12

Crochet Clown

DIY Baby Gifts 宝贝的礼物

Felt accessories collection by Terumi Otaka のフェルトの小もの集

Felt Craft – Mascot Doll Animal Food Cake Sushi

Felt cute mascot (Mook boutique no.589 – Sewing)

Felt Mascot フェルトのマスコツト

Handicraft – Sewing for Kitchen

Handmade Mama DIY – Developing Toys

Handmade toys & accessories from towels

Heart Warming Life Series – Felt

I also … can do handmade – Kitchen interior Zakka Bag Accessory

Japanese Hand Puppet Animals

LBS no. 0335 Handmade small things 手作小物

LBS no. 0343 Yuantong learn little things

LBS no. 0590 Cute Felt Toys to Make

LBS no. 1227  no.2 Small sewing projects 余布作小物

LBS no. 1254 Yuantong learn little things 通园通学小物

LBS no. 1456 Cartoon Characters

LBS no. 1557 Bears

LBS no. 2059 Felt toys

LBS no. 2244 palm-size stuffies 手のひらサイズのぬいぐるみ

LBS no. 2369 Sewing for baby 0-3 years

Lena 2009 11

Love Knitting 2016 03 for Baby

Maglia y encanto N 24 Cotton Country

Miniature mascot made of felt (Mook boutique no.534 – Craft

Ondori – A hour-long project 5小時包

Ondori – Floral Patchwork Muppets

Ondori – Fukumura Hiromi small objects Collections

Ondori – Handmade Cat Collection

Ondori – Handmade from Flannel 绒布手工

Ondori – Happy Story from Country Side

Ondori – Kitchen

Ondori – Natural Cotton Work


Ondori Patchwork & Applique puku puku

Patchwork club 2006 No. 55

Pine Keiko – Sewing game doll collections

Red Heart Afghans

Sew Toys 手缝玩具

Soft Dolls (Kyoko Yoneyama) 新手作人型

Tatsumi Mook – Fukumura Hiromi and fabric dolls

The Big Book of Granny Squares 365 Crochet Motifs (Tracey Lord)

Todo con Manta N 09 Especial de Bolsas

[Handmade fabric animal toys

[Patchwork specialist

Вязание ваше хобби 2016 03

Дуплет спецвыпуск Вязание Полотен Без Отрыва Нити 1 (частично)

Дуплет спецвыпуск Ирландские кружева 7 (частично)

Сабрина 2016 03

New Entries in Description Wanted!

60975 60974 60973 60972 60971
60970 60969 60968 60942 60941
60924 60923 60922 60908 60907
60901 60891 60890 60884 60810

Please, respond if you have an idea where to get the searched pattern.

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