Fancy Dress inspired by a Pineapple Dolly

Fancy Dress inspired by a Pineapple Dolly
Source: Svetlana @ Knits4Kids
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Written pattern with charts and photos pdf (1.1 MB)

This dress originally appeared on some Chinese blog, but I found only a twitter post in Russian with no mention of the author or source. I wrote my own pattern based on the available photos and tested it by crocheting this dress for my daughter. It is quite an easy and fast project. The most consuming part are the embellishments. Please, remember to share a picture of your finished item in the gallery below! By pressing the Thank you button you can let me know that you find this pattern useful. Post comments or questions on the bottom of the post.

20 thoughts on “Fancy Dress inspired by a Pineapple Dolly

  1. I am wondering where the instruction can be found? I love this little princess dress. Anyone has the instruction and is willing to share?

  2. This is a beautiful baby dress. I have been looking for a pineapple dress for several weeks now and was very happy when I found yours. I am very anxious to get to the store and get materials to make this for my newest great granddaughter.

    • I am happy you will use this master class. I made such a dress for my daughter, it was fun. However, I made flowers leaves in different tender colors and it looked great, too. Now we are waiting for the summer to come to wear it.

      Plenty more pineapple dress patterns are in the Top Favorites Collection
  3. The first finished item for this dress is there in the gallery. I have made changed to the pattern though since I had different colors and wanted a less baby-like version. My daughter wore it on her 3rd birthday and was very happy :-)

  4. hi there plz would it be possible for the english version as i cant follow charts due to me having chronic illness which is effecting my brain i would be so grateful many thanks suzanne

    • Dear Suzan, did you take a look at the pattern? It is in English and there is a textual description in addition to the charts. Besides, there are photos documenting each step. If there is something particular you can’t understand, ask me please.

    • It is not a translation, actually. There was no written pattern, just photos. I wrote my own steps down while making this dress. I hope I figured it all out correctly. At least it worked for me ;-))  I will upload a photo of the dress once it is finished (I am working on the embellishments at the moment).

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