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    • Hi Zaira. It is true that you can find links to many downloadable resources through pinterest, but in many cases those download pages will install malware, spam you with adds, open inappropriate popups or will simply make you wait between downloads. On Knits4Kids, you can see everything instantaneously, and it is also free. But it is up to you, of course, which resources to use.

  1. Hello,

    Greetings to everyone in the world. – :)

    I am happy that we now have Land Ideas and decoration ideas.
    This site is just terrific.

    Many thanks to Svetlana and all who contribute to having so many great guides here.

    Greetings and a nice rest week!


    • Those are premium features as indicated on the site. Once you upgrade your membership to premium, all these things will become available.

  2. I absolutely love this site but my husband hates it because there are so many beautiful patterns to knit and crochet. My house is now full of wool and crochet cotton and he is accusing me of paying more attention to my crochet hooks and knitting needles than i do of him. Oh well lol

    • My husband regrets the day he got me a knitting & crochet book as a gift for my first maternity leave. Life will never be the same again ;-)

  3. An awesome site, always was, always will be. Thanks to all Svetlana and everyone else for keeping it going, also thank you to all the contributors.xxxxxx

  4. The new series guide (series by topic) is really helpful.  Now, it’s easy and enjoyable to search for patterns or books. I’d like to thank user Tatiana (nickname Северянка) for the great job of implementing this idea! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi – Love all the patterns but I believe that page 6 did not download completely on the book Christmas Sit’Ems.  Perhaps you could check to see what happened.  Thanks

  6. Здравствуйте, Светлана! У Вас есть все и даже больше – я перестала скачивать журналы, поэтому у меня нет последних номеров “Дуплета”. Просмотрела их с удовольствием у Вас. Журнал просто великолепный. Огромное спасибо Вам за кропотливый сбор и предоставление информации. Жаль, что ничем не могу помочь.

    • Я тоже поклонница Дуплета, это настоящая наука вязания. Кстати, помочь с сайтом могут все. Для поиска по картинкам нужно к картинкам проставить теги (метки). Это можно сделать при просмотре любого журнала. За 100 проставленных тегов получаете статус VIP. Всем желающим поучаствовать могу прислать видео-инструкции.

  7. Спасибо большое за такую замечательную библиотеку! Я долго искала и наконец нашла. Я очень люблю вязать крючком: салфетки,  для кукол Барби и многое чего другого. Всего Вам хорошего!

  8.  Gaaanz vielen lieben Dank für diese ganzen “FILETHÄKELN” Hefte. Großartig. Glaube kaum, dass ich noch eins habe, was hier nicht ist. ;-)))Es ist immer wieder sooo schön, hier zu sein.Liebe Grüsse an alle auf der ganzen Welt!!

  9. Hello, thanks so much for the granny Square Book …and for all the lovely “CROCHET WORLD” Magazine. I love it……and I love this library. 

  10. Kedves ismeretlen hölgyek!Nagyon  szépen köszönöm ezeket az újságokat.S örömet okoztatok.Legyen mindenkinek szép napja.Klarssza

  11. These are some beautiful patterns and I just love to crochet. Which I knew more about knitting as all I know is knit and pearl stitch.

  12. what is the reason things are not available any problem ? i just received your mail for the new stuff  when i tried to see it i found your apology what is wrong? thanks for letting us know amani

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