Filcolana RS Lille stjernedrys - a little star sweater

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  1. After weeks of tryong I am still unable tp get on to the Library Issues section, I keep getting “Internal Server Error” U would like to be able to look at back issues, sometime I can get onto the first page and I get no further as I get the Internal Server notice and I am getting frustrated

    • I am sorry about that. I am not getting this error at all and I have not received such reports from other users. Are you able to to open an album page with all the thumbnails? After that, when you click on any image to enlarge it, the site starts using Google services. At which point are you getting Internal error? Can you share screenshots? If you reply be email, also indicate which country you are from. There are some countries where access to our site or to some service its uses are limited.

    • It looks like I embedded whose albums from someone else’s accounts and did not copy them over. Now, that account seems discontinued. This affects only some old issues for 2002-2003. Other years should be ok.

  2. Hi I am not able to download many of the patterns. The page shows up but none of the pages of the pattern are displayed. Am I doing something wrong?

    • On some days we hit the google quota on the number of calls to their services. If all albums appear blank, the only option is to wait and check some hours later.

    • I cannot see your trove as I am a different user. Are you logged in as the same user as the one you used for adding to the trove? Can you send me screenshots of what you see when you open your trove page by email?

  3. Svetlana, Interweave Crochet 2018 summer in not complete. Do you have that is complete filed somewhere? The first time I viewed this issue back then it was complete. But now, half of it is missing.

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