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The gallery is organized by language. The overview of all languages is displayed in start tab. Click on any language tag to get to its gallery. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the view.To get the pattern, follow the link underneath the thumbnail.

The icons under the thumbnails stand for the following:

add to treasure trove Add the pattern to your treasure trove. This way you can bookmark whatever you like for later reference.
edit entry Edit the description of the given image in the gallery. Use this option to correct wrong assignments or add missing values.
delete entry Delete the entry from this gallery. Use this option whenever you identify images that should not belong to the current category.


The tabs above display languages as codes:

fr – français (French) Total: 1

Random patterns in this category:


9 thoughts on “Gallery Search

  1. I would like to upload some files for your approval. The email address I used to use is not working anymore, so says gmail. What so what I do these days?

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely patterns on your site. I am a pensioner and as the patterns are hard to find and pricey, I can now really go to town with my knitting.

    • I totally agree Ruth! it was nice to find this beautiful site and always be able to find something to create, happy knitting.

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